Contact us today and we will setup your first introductory flight for only 115.00 !!
Contact us today and we will setup your first introductory flight for only 115.00 !!


Although "paying as you go" flight training is what most people do, it is not always possible. Through our affiliation with Cessna, we are able to offer financing through Sallie Mae Financial that allows flexible, affordable, private educational loans. Sallie Mae Financial can provide high loan limits at affordable rates with flexible repayment terms. This loan will pay for your Cessna Pilot Kit, Aircraft Rental, Instructor, and Pilot Supplies. With this loan in place, simply make a monthly payment and fly as often as your schedule allows.

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13539 Judge Orr Rd 13539
Peyton, CO 80831

Phone: 719-683-2547

Cell: 719-331-8989

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To accomodate our customers' busy schedules, please call in advance and we can try to have someone available for assistance.

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American Aviation
13539 Judge Orr Road
Peyton, CO 80831
(719) 683-2547

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