Contact us today and we will setup your first introductory flight for only 115.00 !!
Contact us today and we will setup your first introductory flight for only 115.00 !!


Elite Flight Simulator

Our Elite Simulator System and software is an FAA approved advanced training device that allows our PC to replicate the instrument panel, avionics and flight aerodynamics of specific aircraft to practice all procedures and simulate elements of flight under instrument meteorological conditions. In addition to allowing you to practice virtually any instrument approach in the world, Elite gives the capability of monitoring, saving, and replaying the flight path on a map screen and viewing it in both the vertical and horizontal plane.


Though not an emergency procedures trainer, capabilities have been added to allow you to practice partial panel work and experience accurate malfunctions of systems critical to instrument flight.


You have the capability to control specific aspects of the environment to produce the most realistic elements that would be expected in actual weather conditions. Choose from a large variety of aircraft. Consider using this training device to help save you money during your training.

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