Contact us today and we will setup your first introductory flight for only 115.00 !!
Contact us today and we will setup your first introductory flight for only 115.00 !!

Tie Downs

Tie Downs

We have flexible storage facilities to meet your short and long term needs.

Transient and Long Term Parking/Tie-down rates

Tie Down - Single Engine 45.00 per month 7.50 Overnight
Tie Down - Twin Engine 50.00 per month 9.50 Overnight
Covered Tie Down - Single 130.00 per month 15.00 Overnight
Covered Tie Down - Twin 140.00 per month 17.50 Overnight

Where to Find Us:

13539 Judge Orr Rd 13539
Peyton, CO 80831

Phone: 719-683-2547

Cell: 719-331-8989

What's New

Extended business hours

To accomodate our customers' busy schedules, please call in advance and we can try to have someone available for assistance.

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American Aviation
13539 Judge Orr Road
Peyton, CO 80831
(719) 683-2547

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